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2023: Year of the Techno-dialectics

(Rough notes)

The American response to TikTok is a watershed moment of conflict between international tech elites, national bureaucrats, and national politicians keen to stir up narratives for ideological purposes.

We already had the TikTok moment when Libra failed. Libra was the coup d'etat of the West Coast against the East until the East delivered the coup de grace that killed Libra in its cradle.

In politics, technology is increasingly becoming an electoral cleavage that divides rather than unites. In the realms of ideas, technology has become theologized. Technologists operate in axioms that alienate themselves from the rest.

I believe that we are as close to a geo-political breakup as a techno-social breakup. DeFi, ChatGPT, and Chips are all accelerating this dialectic path toward the end of history.